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  1. Phyto sanitizing questions
  2. Nitrate possibly more harmful than commonly believed
  3. How should i clean my 10 gal tank RDSB which
  4. Are these Worms; should I be concerned?
  5. API testers.....How do they stack up?
  6. Leaching rock - would some take a moment to explain, please?
  7. Brainstorming
  8. Need help Identifying this tan slime!!!
  9. Is the pharmaceutical iodine the same as lugols iodine?
  10. Need Some help with OZON
  11. High Nitrate Level... No carbon for 6 days..
  12. Torsional rigidity in fishtanks during earthquakes
  13. chillers
  14. Corals and there coloration
  15. Phyto and cross contamination ??
  16. Hydrogen Sulfide - a possible problem?
  17. Please ID this algae
  18. Algae in one system but not the other...
  19. STN (sps coral dieing from base up) and how to reverse it?
  20. Hey all, i can use some help
  21. fading corals
  22. Antibiotics, which WILL kill your tank and which won't: a primer.
  23. Bubble without bones
  24. Electricity Estimate Useage
  25. check this out
  26. Sealing your own magnets with JB weld? and Best idea to cover my center overflow?
  27. Phyto mix ratio ?
  28. Natural sunlight
  29. What clownfish are these? Please help
  30. all in one controller?
  31. Long distance moving fish and corals?
  32. Api test life
  33. Are White Flatworms Bad?
  34. First time Mandarin Owner
  35. subtrate too hight or just fine? (pic)
  36. 125g not 100% level
  37. Fresh salt water mix w/ ammonia??
  38. Protein Skimmers & KH/Alkalinity
  39. alk and sg ?
  40. life span of corals
  41. using a microscope
  42. Possible New Pest
  43. vitality of frags
  44. Berghia Nudibranches
  45. is coral growth affected by seasonal changes?
  46. Breeding Manderins.
  47. Cleaning with vinegar
  48. Stainless steel
  49. copepod culturing
  50. Lions paw medusa worm
  51. Aqua-Medic Oceanlight MH + T5 Combo Light Visor
  52. Emergency! Please help with sea urchin?
  53. Im winning the gha war
  54. Phytoplankton: Emiliania huxleyi
  55. Is this a flat worm? Is this safe or not.
  56. Can anyone identify this creature?
  57. Magnetic fields and coral formation
  58. New Predator?
  59. Poll for peope who bought Regal Angelfish in 2010
  60. Burrowing Sea Cucumber - Neothyonidium magnum
  61. What Alage is this?
  62. Ozone vs UV Sterilizer
  63. Canyo help!!!!
  64. Thoughts on Ick
  65. UVR for the health of fish and coral
  66. Phytofuge - For the biology nerds out there
  67. oversized skimmer ditching fuge....
  68. Turbo snails falling on their backs!!
  69. live rock help
  70. Cleaner Shrimp taking junks from my Anthias???
  71. live roti culturing success????
  72. Pointless to dose vodka if N/P already 0?
  73. Is selling Coral aginst the Law?
  74. overflows and algae growth........
  75. tisbe pods
  76. Ready to smash my tank!!
  77. Whats tne real deal with gac carbon
  78. Over dosing?
  79. baking soda for alkalinity
  80. need help determining filtration
  81. Algae Scrubber ?
  82. vodka and miracle mud
  83. Skimmerless: who's doing it? pros and cons
  84. kill bacteria and algae from live rock/not kill corals
  85. two rare fish:longtail tripodfish and the ribbed gunnel
  86. Recommend a stocklist for me
  87. Is stray Current Normal?
  88. What about using ONLY PVC...
  89. Vodka Dosing, White Flakes, Strange Smell ... Help ?
  90. coral eating butterfly-fish
  91. cyano in the wild?
  92. Dipping my chaeto
  93. Rock: Freezing Vs.Drying
  94. Trade Journals?
  95. Pods not enough for mandarins?
  96. 320 gallon sytem ozone
  97. Carbon for Precision Marine Waste Collector ... Is it Safe ... ?
  98. can someone id these?
  99. Need Live Rock "cleaning" advice
  100. Some help with hydroids please?
  101. Clove polyps and ULNS/probiotics
  102. 14 years ago I set up my first reef tank.....
  103. ziovit ???
  104. prodibio use
  105. ULNS and astrenia's
  106. Denitrification
  107. SPS didn't like a temp spike... What now?
  108. Power loss=Lost fish
  109. Algae Scrubber Advanced
  110. Found this on my clam, need ID and advise.
  111. half red bugs?
  112. Any good results from Randy Holmes Recipe???
  113. Gray hills in DSB?
  114. Need advice
  115. I'm sea biology and i'm looking for a new job
  116. I'm sea biology and i'm looking for a new job
  117. LED Lighting - What makes one better than the other.
  118. The benefits of detritus.
  119. Huge PH Problem
  120. Aquatic Systems Engineering
  121. Lets play, what is it? Again
  122. I never see...bubbles of sps
  123. Brown Rust Algea
  124. Please share tank-moving experience
  125. Clear bubbles
  126. Changing Tropical Reef to Temperate FOWLR?
  127. Refractive index of aquarium glass
  128. dilling holes for bulkhead and got a big chip
  129. Protein Skimmer vs Algae
  130. ReefCon
  131. drilled holes
  132. upgrading to a larger tank
  133. Clear slime from alcohol vapors?
  134. Cerith snail eggs!!Hatched
  135. What is the difference between Zeovit and Bio-pellets
  136. Examples of aquarium journals
  137. Support systems for a 1500g+ tank
  138. Way beyond my expertise...APEX
  139. floresent green cyno?
  140. Natural enemy to those liitle worms in the sand bed that have those nasty tentacles!
  141. New Media for Mud Filters.
  142. chnaging from established tank to new tank
  143. does an ATS replace a fuge with DSB?
  144. Tidal Fuge
  145. Overflo and Return Pipe Diameter Questions
  146. Pushing the envelope (Pulse lighting)
  147. Moving to a larger tank/quarantine
  148. modded canister filter into ATS
  149. ATS and skimmer?
  150. I need help with an Algae ID please
  151. Vodka Dosing with Skimmer on
  152. Vodka Dosing Question
  153. Wave Point Light 1 switch
  154. Question about hyposalinity in a quarantine tank
  155. Rhinopias Fish
  156. apex question on probes
  157. Why are coral colourful?
  158. zeovit users- how do u know how much trace elements to dose
  159. Connecting 2 tanks that run at different temperatures
  160. So, how goes your flatworm problem, v.2011?
  161. Dare I ask another DSB question?
  162. Tubeworms
  163. Kelvin Spectrum Lightmeter
  164. DSB questions
  165. Fish, caught wild, need IDing
  166. Last Try to Kill Bryopsis!!!!
  167. formula for pressure on glass?
  168. BTU calculator?
  169. Aquarium Restoration.
  170. The Beach is a Massive Protein Skimmer
  171. Dwarf Fuzzy Lion Fish
  172. Best BioPellet
  173. questionable live rock
  174. surge tank questions
  175. Extremely high pH
  176. Design Programs for tanks, stands, sumps
  177. From New to the Hobby Forums: Help! Nitrate War and I'm Losing! (African Cichlids)
  178. drawing fresh air from outside question....
  179. getting/keeping a sea turtle
  180. leather coral folding up normal?
  181. proven flatworm predators
  182. How to prevent a flood
  183. Microscope IDs Please
  184. Dinoflagellates housing Cyanobacteria
  185. brine shrimp refugium/perpetual plankton producer
  186. Anyone run tests of PAR value over corals?
  187. help with frag set up
  188. Supplier of live culture for both FW and SW
  189. Is anyone using carbon dosing with a cryptic zone?
  190. algae control measures
  191. Anyone raise live mysis shrimp???
  192. Old light algae bloom fact or fiction?
  193. Room CO2 scrubbers
  194. How do you properly frag Acropora?
  195. Blackberry??????????????????????
  196. anyone dose nitrate?
  197. 15 years of experience and I'm stumped
  198. Pvc pipe bacteria?
  199. Vodka dosing with undetectable PO4...
  200. Derasa Clam causes coral bleaching due to chronic low nitrate
  201. water change quickly or slowly?
  202. How to break down and rebuild an 8 year old tank?
  203. Any ideas on how to concentrate phytoplankton
  204. HELP! PLEASE! My Mg is up past 1800 with Kent Tech-M and my bryosis lives on
  205. Optimal Humidity for Reef Aquariums
  206. ozone question
  207. Auto water change
  208. Ca reactor
  209. You put THAT in your tank? The secret ingredient.
  210. Biodiversity
  211. Help! My hammer is dying (photo)
  212. MP40 causing salinity issues!
  213. water change frequency for a fowlr with biopellets
  214. water level 1" different
  215. Need help from advanced reefers...
  216. Yellow Sarcophyton toadstool leather care
  217. RAS vs Tank arrays
  218. Bare Bottom Ditritus Clean Up w/o WC?
  219. corals eating pods?
  220. Help - ID Please (photos)
  221. Xenia in the refugium?
  222. Cyanobacteria Removal
  223. Big Tank Cleaning.
  224. How can I get a scallop out of a rock safely? Hydroids too.
  225. peppermint shrimp or berghia?
  226. TotM month or 2 ago+ aptasia
  227. Skimming Part-Time
  228. Cycling just fish tank with only salt and bacteria???
  229. allelopathy effecting my zoas? please help me!
  230. I want the sand secrets...
  231. fish-less cycle process
  232. alk level
  233. Neptune and Calc reactor setup
  234. Feeding corals micro-nutrient-rich foods...
  235. Small Greenhouse help!
  236. Method of Skimmers
  237. Apple apps.. question.
  238. higher micron filter sock benifical?
  239. DSB and light in stand
  240. Quarantine Live Rock
  241. Growing Tang Food in my Refugium---suggestions?
  242. BioPellets on SPS Reef Aquarium.
  243. good saltwater grass, plant eater?
  244. Interesting Observation
  245. Importing fish, proper acclimation procedures
  246. multicolor angelfish
  247. Cooking live rock- ?'s about biology
  248. What stage of cycle is my tank in?
  249. Math conversion help
  250. A year of random mini-crashes..cant figure it out, about to give up.