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  1. Graph Issue
  2. How to I setup automated dosing?
  3. 2nd Density Probe!
  4. dosing pump help
  5. Controller doesn't see density probe
  6. AQ main Unit Problem
  7. Leak sensors
  8. Ethernet Module and Alarm Notification
  9. Can I use any pH probe?
  10. programming dosing pump
  11. Hoses for dosing Pump
  12. Do I need the interfact to hook up temp and water level?
  13. Dosing Pump Program Double checking
  14. Locked up with Blank Screen!!! Help!!
  15. How should I make things stay on all the time?
  16. PC Connection problems... help please! :)
  17. Water level sensor
  18. "Blocked in Emergency"
  19. Locked up unit...cannot control the tank
  20. Aquatronica dosing pump / Neptune Aquacontroller?
  21. Bug in software?
  22. Blank Screen
  23. What are you guys dosing in the Aquatronica Dosing Pump
  24. flow sensing
  25. Aquarium Controller priorities.
  26. Latest Aquatronica Software update
  27. How many of you control more than one tank with your Aquatronica?
  28. Dead Controller??
  29. please delete
  30. new min. time for level programs
  31. stupid question
  32. Anyone know exactly what the new Level program is about?
  33. Using the AQ with Tunze pumps?
  34. New 6.0 Update May Be Important.
  35. Problem with new Version
  36. Calibration
  37. the 4 hour software/firmware update
  38. How many people have Aquatronica Controllers?
  39. Repair costs...
  40. quick question??
  41. Trying to use level sensor
  42. Continuous logging of Aquatronica sensors and plugs
  43. updating question
  44. Cool Aquatronica Blog
  45. ANy update on the new pc interface?
  46. Emergency Update Info Please?
  47. blank screen
  48. Is the dimmer module still available?
  49. AquaStats - A natural extension to your Aquatronica system
  50. plug adaptor
  51. Ethernet Module AC Adapter
  52. How can I override a pH program?
  53. Storing PH probes
  54. New Aquatronica owner, just saying "Hi"
  55. Agenda reminders
  56. Density Probe
  57. help with programming temperature control
  58. Anybody got an Extra Ph Module?
  59. Reminder don't work while PC connected
  60. Aquatronica Version 7 Wish List
  61. Aquatronica Version 6 Bug List
  62. Routers that work Great?
  63. Set Plug to Always On for Sump Pump
  64. Buzzing Powerbar and unable to detect
  65. Mini Review of the Aquatronica Leak Detector
  66. feed timer, pH control and more ...
  67. Where to buy
  68. loading previous programs
  69. Using AQT to control my skimmer
  70. Hey all, Prowd new owner of the Controller, I have some questions..Please Help..
  71. USB extension leads
  72. Aquatronica Not Coming On
  73. Aquatronica Not Coming On
  74. ph probe
  75. any idea where i can get support/service on my ethernet controller?
  76. Canuck Retailers
  77. bought a used powerbar and it doesn't talk to my existing setup
  78. Ugh
  79. PH Probe Reading Problems
  80. bus error reading on ph
  81. Version 5.0 Firmware update
  82. Controlling variable DC voltage devices
  83. Can you program Aquatronica with a PC?
  84. Limitations of Ethernet Module
  85. Timing out the controller?
  86. Aquatronica Update available.
  87. after power failue
  88. aquatronica and auto feeder help???
  89. Ethernet and upgrading
  90. Aquatronica Ver 7 Wish List.
  91. Battery - NiMH or Li-Ion?
  92. Happy Holiday Aquatronica Users
  93. Anybody have problems updating Dosing Pump
  94. Redox Cal
  95. ORP program help wanted
  96. pc software and ethernet module questions
  97. PC software connection
  98. Water leakage interface
  99. Power Outage
  100. Power outage control?
  101. controller locking up
  102. Level sensor acting up
  103. Redox calibration
  104. Need help
  105. Noticed this on Aquatronicas site today
  106. Why does my AQT lose time so fast?
  107. How to have a varible DC control?
  108. Dead controller
  109. How to use a pda WM6, to get to Aquatronica status via web browser
  110. HELP I wish I wish I wish~!!!!!!!!!! that my AC will work
  111. Density electrode or interface dead?
  112. New Aquatronica Firmware Update 5.1
  113. Anyone have an ethernet module for sale?
  114. Aquatronica Annouces the release of the new USB Adapter
  115. update died in the middle
  116. Need some help... my controller is acting up
  117. Aquatronica Dosing Pumps question.
  118. Can the Aquatronica do this........
  119. how does the water level sensor work
  120. expansion socket
  121. Is the conductivity probe/interface worth it?
  122. Connect and Disconnect Interface Problem?
  123. Ethernet Connection
  124. How disconnected a manual command out with alarm of Water Leakage Interface ?
  125. ERROR 2 Calibrating Dosing Pump
  126. XY Program Samples
  127. How often to clean and calibrate probes?
  128. Reprogramming error?
  129. help with using aqua stats over the net
  130. How does the dosing pump calculate its dosing?
  131. Software Update
  132. !!ATTENTION!! Ethernet module disconnected from aquarium controller
  133. Why is the software changing my values?
  134. Orp probe swings
  135. I think one of the USB ports on my power strip is broken.
  136. webcams
  137. Repairing Powerstrip
  138. Help with Setting up Ethernet Module with WET54g Wireless Bridge
  139. Need Help Programming Aqualifter with Level Controller
  140. XY Programs is in Italian
  141. Replacing AQ Power Strip.. Have questions...
  142. auto topup with dosing pump + float switch
  143. Need help with software settings
  144. HELP Please with Ethernet connection
  145. Lets say the aquatronica unit fails?
  146. Problems with the dosing pump module
  147. error code
  148. powerstrip Issue
  149. looking for the hose kit for the aquadoser
  150. Calibrate a Temp Prob
  151. Ph Interface showing the temp!
  152. Adding a dosing pump
  153. Error During Internet Update
  154. Can Dosing Pump run without controller?
  155. Timer Program
  156. Extra Power bars for sale
  157. Has anyone connected the dosing pump to a calcium reactor?
  158. Please Help programing the dosing pump
  159. Topup with Single Level Switch, Dosing Pump
  160. OK.. SO . Can I run 2 controllers on the same system.?
  161. Aquatronica Version 7.0.0
  162. Probe Guarantee
  163. V7.0 question...
  164. Aquatronica at the ReefItalia meeting.
  165. Remote main controller
  166. 2nd Power Bar constantly disconnecting
  167. SMS module?
  168. Aquatronica Version 7 Email Settings
  169. ethernet help
  170. Any chance of a single pump?
  171. "feed mode"
  172. Anyone else have a problem with this last update?
  173. Replacing Powerbar
  174. Aquatronica Update 7.1
  175. what happend to my aquatronica???
  176. Dosing pump questions??
  177. the fourth dead controller....
  178. Aquatronica frozen?
  179. power unit not powered status
  180. Looking for a doser.
  181. Having trouble with email notifications
  182. ORP probe trouble
  183. IS the USB interface noticeably faster to connect?
  184. Problems with usb interface
  185. Controller Mfg Dates
  186. [advanced] Ethernet module in wireless bridge
  187. ethernet
  188. Calibrating Density Probe
  189. Unable to Calibrate PH probe - Error Code 1
  190. A new Aquatronica design is here!
  191. "Stirring systems" for the dosing pumps?
  192. New Aquatronica Products
  193. How can I get graphs and othe rinfo from my AQ onto my website?
  194. Ethernet Module - Did I get a bad one?
  195. Want to trade your LiterMeter IIIā„¢, for a Brand New Aquatronica triple dosing pump?
  196. density probe not giving any readings
  197. calcium reator with controller
  198. Anyone know?
  199. AQ Power Bar Not Recognized
  200. Restoring Light program after Temperature Shut Off
  201. What new probes?
  202. Please help powerbar not recognized after Power OUT
  203. New AT Front End Software & Simulator
  204. Monitoring & Controlling negative ORP/Redox
  205. Aquatronica Screen Frozen
  206. Controller screen is blank - how can I fix this?
  207. Water leakage sensor
  208. Use of Aqua Medic AT control probes & interfaces
  209. sms-module problem...
  210. Calcium reactor setup... again...
  211. Interface issues
  212. My aquatronica is frozen
  213. having issues hooking up ethernet module
  214. Why Am I getting this?
  215. SMS- Module Wish List
  216. Can I write this program?
  217. What happened to the salinity probe Units.
  218. Easy Question...Power cut delay...
  219. Dosing pump on Ca Reactor that's the ticket
  220. New Update Due. Last minute ideas !!!
  221. Ethernet module - Dynamic IP
  222. storing probes, anything special?
  223. Can The Aquatronica Dosing Pumps Be Controlled With the Water Level Sensor?
  224. Programming Questions
  225. Wiring for Aquastats
  226. Viewing Aquastats DB from external PC
  227. serial/PC interface
  228. All Plugs Locked?
  229. Control Unit Help Needed
  230. Aquatronica Ethernet on Mobile Phone
  231. Cannot calibrate dosing pump anymore?
  232. Error 12 trying to update Dosing pumps
  233. pc interface
  234. Ethernet module problem
  235. koralia wave maker expansion
  236. Dosing Pumps for Auto water change
  237. AQT control Unit Freezes
  238. SMS module - DOA?
  239. Different firmwares for different pH probes?
  240. Dosing Pump disconnects others
  241. Please help with SMS module...
  242. Dead unit
  243. Noisy Power Unit
  244. Ethernet Module Help!!
  245. aqt main unit froze
  246. Long term storage - battery concern?
  247. New Update at Last
  248. Sequence Programming.... Why all the effort????
  249. Need help with two programs ROBBYG to the rescue pls!
  250. ACQ310N-D - Where to buy In Europe