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  1. Shots from my trip to St. Lucia
  2. Virginia and can i?
  3. Great Snorkeling in OBX
  4. New to Snorkeling
  5. Diving in Cozumel last week! Lots of photos!
  6. rhode island scuba /snorkle
  7. S. Fl snorkeling spots anyone?
  8. Maui Ocean Center Shark Dive
  9. Cancun snorkeling good?
  10. Key West/Dry Tortugas snorkling photos with 15 dollar camera
  11. Finallly Did It!
  12. Divers
  13. Anyone dive Gulf shores Alabama Whiskey Wreck?
  14. Any info on Tioman Island, Malaysia?
  15. Snorkel Brands
  16. My Cozumel Trip Good & Very Bad
  17. Good webpages with snorkeling information
  18. Baja Dive spots/outfits
  19. Cheap foreign place to live w/diving and highspeed internet?
  20. Snorkeling St Thomas and St John
  21. 20,000 pounds of grouper in Jupiter
  22. Snorkeling Pics from Puerto Rico!!
  23. Be prepared, likely others won't be....
  24. Drilling Mooring Bolts at the Flower Gardens
  25. PAR depth
  26. St. Maarten in Nov
  27. Suggestions for FL Keys Diving/Snorkeling - near Marathon please!
  28. Going to Hawaii for the first time, need advice
  29. Any preferred dive sites in St. Lucia?
  30. today i went snorkling and causght...
  31. snorkeling in Cuba... best places?
  32. New diver
  33. Going to West Palm, thinking about maybe collecting some stuff...
  34. playa del carmin
  35. playa del carmin
  36. Diving in Hong Kong???
  37. Dive instruction in the Keys
  38. Greece, are there reefs there?
  39. collecting? key west, st thomas, peurto rico
  40. Cozumel dive trip.......Lots-o-Pics
  41. Diving for tank maintenance...
  42. Snorkeling in Puerto Rico?
  43. Coral collection?
  44. aruba diving?
  45. Honeymoon in the South Pacific - Where?
  46. Diving near Israel
  47. BC suggestions..?
  48. New 215 thoughts
  49. Breakers reef damaged by tow line
  50. Any spearfishers on this site?
  51. Red Sea - Marsa Alam - A LOT OF SCUBA PICTURES
  52. looking for a all inclusive resort snorkel/ dive
  53. scuba in Florida
  54. Scuba/snorkle in Bali, Indonesia?
  55. Mola Mola
  56. Cressi Edy Dive Computer for sale
  57. Which Hawaiian Island?
  58. Key West for New Years
  59. Best snorkeling from the beach Key West
  60. Pictures from Thailand Dives
  61. Sport Chalet Scuba Lessons
  62. Snorkeling spot in Cuba
  63. Good snorkeling spot
  64. Fin recommendations..?
  65. Old School Spearfishing - Lots of Pictures
  66. Safety
  67. Thinking of Diving and Collecting in Hawaii
  68. collecting in the US Virgin Islands?
  69. costa rica
  70. Diving Barbados
  71. Fire Coral Sting???
  72. Bahamas!
  73. bonaire
  74. Sharky Dive
  75. snorkeling in Cuba. (pics)
  76. Great Barrier Reef, Australia - My Dive Pics
  77. Destination Wedding in Fiji -- Diving
  78. snorkeling in the fl. keys
  79. In the wild.....
  80. Bangstick
  81. Grand Cayman and Cozumel advise
  82. coral types native to virgin islands?
  83. St. John usvi Diving and Snorkeling
  84. thermal protection question
  85. some pics from our honeymoon/diving trip to roatan
  86. Cayman Islands Suggestions
  87. Scoob noob question
  88. Where to go diving??
  89. NG's diving Ireland
  90. waterproof digital camera
  91. Fiji
  92. Could use some Caribbean destination advice
  93. treasure diving
  94. Anyone see GHA in a reef?
  95. bcds
  96. Diving near Honolulu?
  97. Cruise in August - any recommendations
  98. Our World-Underwater, Feb 20-22, Rosemont, IL
  99. Our World Underwater
  100. Cayman Island vacation pics
  101. any serious divers here?
  102. I wanna get certified this year
  103. some photos
  104. pics from kelp diving off of Catalina Island
  105. Maui snorkeling
  106. WAKATOBI,Indonesia
  107. want to move somewhere i can scuba dive and snorkel
  108. Maui Dive Spots and Suggestions
  109. Hi every one from the aandtsociety in Brisbane.
  110. Good snorkeling off the keys
  111. Aruba Ship Wreck photos
  112. has anyone ever went on a collection charter?
  113. Mobay, Jamaica
  114. Barrier reef in a rock pool.
  115. snorkelling collecting marine species trips in Aus (1)
  116. Snorkeling / Diving in Eastern Central Florida - Where?
  117. Bonaire accomodations
  118. Serious diver conditions off Brisbane in Queensland!!
  119. see if the pics work now
  120. Logging SHALLOW dives
  121. aandtsociety rock pool marine species collecting trip
  122. New Diver needs equipment suggestions
  123. where is the best location to dive?
  124. aandtsociety gold coast BBQ & snorkelling collecting trip.
  125. Collecting for Aquariums
  126. cuba dive video
  127. Wanting to get scuba certified
  128. Aandtsociety Cray trip (some collecting)and a big fish!
  129. Getting Certified
  130. Need some equipment
  131. Aandtsociety boat trip for collecting aquarium species
  132. going to the keys need help
  133. Any where to find Naui dive table exercises?
  134. Favorite/Best Snorkel
  135. Roatan trip tomorrow!!!
  136. Collecting on ST. JOHN???
  137. aandtsociety marine species island collecting trip
  138. Where should we go on a snorkelling vacation?
  139. Seychelles, snorkeling
  140. Any recommendations for Cairns Scuba Diving?
  141. snorkeling/scuba cancun-Collecting?
  142. looking for local divers
  143. Aandtsociety March aquarium species collecting trips in 09
  144. Picture from diving in Bonaire
  145. new or used??
  146. Dive pics from Cozumel
  147. Snorkeling in St. Maarten
  148. Got a great story?
  149. Anyone dive the keys?
  150. A few dive pictures from Hawaii.
  151. snorkleing/collecting
  152. Moving to Hawaii
  153. Aandtsociety easter Monday snorkelling collecting trip.
  154. would you consider diving an expensive hobby?
  155. Seahorses in the keys?
  156. Atlantis submarine encounters humpbacksin Maui
  157. Aandtsociety shrimp collecting trip & low tide walk.
  158. snorkeling in grand cayman and cozumel
  159. aandtsociety late april blue tang collecting trip
  160. Scuba RDP question
  161. great barrier reef almost dead by 2050
  162. Grand Cayman Dive company suggestions
  163. aandtsociety blue tang collecting trip change of adress
  164. Wrasse and there metamorphous to adult, was a surprise this time
  165. Must do's in the keys?
  166. Puerto Rico Anyone Been There?
  167. can no longer dive. snorkel only
  168. Questions for divers
  169. Collecting?
  170. Aandtsociety lazy beggers day out during the week collecting some nice fish
  171. sharks in the keys??
  172. Got a Honeymoon to plan! Any Ideas???
  173. Perforated eardrum
  174. How much?
  175. spearfishing pics
  176. Need suggestion for disposable camera
  177. Diving by Hilton Head
  178. A Game: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
  179. aandtsociety rufus king wreck and coast snorkelling trip
  180. A few shots from my trip to bonaire (actually, more than a few....)
  181. Need dive advice Ft Laud -> Key West
  182. Going to Oahu, Hawaii in July, best companies and places to snorel/scuba?
  183. Bonaire
  184. Suggested Places to Dive in Australia
  185. Whalesharks at Ningaloo Reef Western Australia
  186. Turbo snails in keys?
  187. aandtsociety gold coast collecting and video trip
  188. Going to Fiji, any suggestions?
  189. Suggestions for diving in Hawaii and/or Fla. Keys?
  190. There is a link of reef fish took from indonisia
  191. Diving in Tanzania
  192. aandtsociety full club island marine fish collecting trip
  193. Riviera Maya
  194. Collecting sites, South Florida
  195. aandtsociety guide to to snorkel and dive site in S E Queenlsand
  196. gear suggestions-what do you use?
  197. Diving near Marco Island, FL
  198. Aandtsociety clown fish collecting trip in late april
  199. Atlantic White-Striped Cleaner Shrimp
  200. myrtle beach vacation????? colecting
  201. RUNAWAY BAY Jamaica Diving?
  202. Going to Waikiki Sunday, any advice?
  203. Snorkeling Reef in Maui?
  204. aandtsociety Rock pool trip out to sea(barrier reef in a rock pool)
  205. Moving to Townsville
  206. Maui/ Kaui snorkeling suggestions. collecting?
  207. Red Sea Diving, Sharm El Sheikh.... Round 2!
  208. Starting SCUBA...
  209. any interest in a collecting trip in Fl this weekend or next week?
  210. red sea diving vs. carribean
  211. We are losing the deep Sea reef Watch the Video.
  212. Aandt society June 8 early morn collecting trip
  213. Cressi Travelight BC
  214. Las Perlas, Panama
  215. Taveuni & Beqa FIJI : Picture Intensive
  216. aandt society marine species collecting and water change
  217. going to Nassau for my bday 10-13th
  218. Good place to go Snorkeling in Florida?
  219. Keys shore dives/snorkel mile markers
  220. Diving and snorkeling in Destin Fl?
  221. scuba certification in CT/NY
  222. South east queensland aquarium society collecting trip (rock pools)
  223. Cozumel Pics
  224. Getting Certified in Australia
  225. Looking for a TOP SCUBA Instructor in So-Cal
  226. A fish story about a beautiful natured fish
  227. diving locations
  228. Aandtsociety collecting trips,out wide and coast in one day.
  229. DIVE SPOTS BY SYDNEY "please help"
  230. Maui Snorkel Location Help
  231. dive computer
  232. Any where to snorkel in CO?
  233. Just a few pics from Looe Key Reef.
  234. Belize, or Cayman islands?
  235. Are Dry Suits hard to use?
  236. Planning a trip to Key Largo...Need Input
  237. Just got back from a short trip to HI
  238. where to buy equipment?
  239. San Andres Island pics
  240. Jamaica
  241. cheapest gps that show just long and lat
  242. Key West - Where is BEST snorkeling spot?
  243. where to go snorkeling/collecting in fort lauderdale florida
  244. Anyone swim with great white sharks?
  245. A few more HI photos
  246. Where to dive in Bonaire?
  247. Curacao Trip
  248. Questions about health requirements for Scuba
  249. aandtsociety recent marine species collecting trips
  250. South Texas diving Flower Garden Banks