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12/23/2006, 04:11 PM
I picked up a used 120 gallon tank and now am considering buying a 180 for display instead. I know once this system is set up, I cannot upgrade to a larger tank so just get it over and be done with a 180 (the hubs won't go with anymore upsizing-I'm stretching my luck as it is).
Now, the question is--could (or should I say 'should') I use the 120 -72 x 18 x 22 for a sump/fuge? Has anyone done this? For the amount of money it would cost to buy a new 55 or 75 tank for fuge, I figured why not use the 120, would be the same price. Room is no problem since it will be plumbed into the next room from the display tank.
I would have room for a large fuge, maybe a section for grow-out.
Is this a stupid idea? What are the cons if any, for such a big sump/ fuge besides getting a bigger skimmer to handle 300 gallon system?
I am upgrading from a couple 20g nanos, so you see where I am coming from. Biiig leap.

12/23/2006, 04:19 PM
my main is 560g and my sump is a used 240. Much better for two reasons
1- anytime you can add water volume .... do
2- if my lights go out my sump can handle the overflow with no problem



12/23/2006, 07:00 PM
Thanks for the reply. Will check out your thread.

12/23/2006, 10:45 PM
A large sump relative to the main display tank is always useful. If nothing else you can use it for water changes.

Two-thirds of my sump is a return compartment. My return pump is external so there is nothing but a heater in this compartment. I use it for water changes. I simply turn off the pump, siphon away the old water, and mix salt and new water in this compartment. After heating the solution to the right temperature, I turn on the pump again. With your large sump, you can perform a 30% water change easily.

12/24/2006, 02:03 AM
i dont see a downside to increased stability, fuge for nutrient export, and posible a grow out system for frags so u dont clutter up the display.... do you? only possible downside is... more money for bigger equipment to handle the extra water, ie skimmer and return pump. Then again, we all give our tanks the best we possibly can despite pricing...

12/24/2006, 06:52 AM
Go for it. The bigger the volume of water the more stable it will be. Wish I could have a fuge that big.

12/24/2006, 06:58 AM
Ive got a tank built going on that has a 180 or 210 depending on what I get on top, using a 125 underneath as a large show refugium area. I havent made up my mid fully but im thinking the left 4' of the 125 will be split fron to back, back full of macro algae and DSB, front with LR and some fish. I know its not a "true refugium" due to haveing higher level predetors, but im looking more for algae production out of it than for pods so it will serve the prupose and be cool to look at.

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12/24/2006, 12:19 PM
No doubt the upside it more stability.

The downside is more equipment and money for deal with the extra water - i.e., more heaters, bigger chiller, more salt, more humidity, bigger skimmer, etc. If (for example), X heaters keeps your water just warm enough during a cold night, don't think that you can add 100 gallons and still keep your water warm enough without adding another heater. That's a simplistic example, but I think you'll get the point.

IF you're ready to deal with the downsides, go for it.


12/24/2006, 01:54 PM
I'm using a 125 gallon sump/fuge on my 390.

12/30/2006, 09:14 AM
Thanks for the responses flfirefighter13, lecher, salsipuedes, . I will go with the 125 for the fuge/sump.
Now the next step is to figure out how to partition off the baffles and measure off the sections.

mflamb-do you have a diagram of your sump? Anything you would do differently?

pjf-great suggestion!

nyvp-yes, plenty of room for extra water in case of power outages-which we tend to have since there is a crappy substation servicing our area. :(

Ron-thanks for listing the downsides. That is what I was looking for as far as my question and just needed that confirmed. I hate surprises and will now be able to plan accordingly. Since this is an upgrade from small tanks to a very large system (for me), I am going to do this very slowly and pick alot of brains on this site.
Thanks again all!