View Full Version : Bak Pak airstone mod pump

01/06/2007, 09:16 PM
I'm trying to do the airstone modification to my Bak Pak. I bought a Coralife limewood airstone but am not sure how big of an air pump I need to drive the stone. What air pump are people using?

01/07/2007, 01:19 AM
glparr, i tryed everything with a Bacpack. airstone, constant adjusments. rubble rock in the chamber for millions of escaping microbubbles. i finally traded it for frags and got an AquaC Remora. couple $'s more but well worth it. quiet, plug and play. clean once every 6 months. i had to clean the intake on the BP once a week. :(

John M. :cool:

01/07/2007, 01:51 PM
Thanks John, but I just bought the Bak Pak and generally am very happy with it on my 20L. It has done a very effective job of cleaning up a situation that had deteriorated to embarrassing levels. I would just like to see if I can get more out of the skimmer. Has no one else tried the airstone modification? I'd like an idea of how large a pump to buy without using a LFS as a test ground. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done the modification.