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01/07/2007, 06:58 PM
well im writing to talk about my 1st reef tank. i just started putting coral in just last week and i love it. i have a 55 gallon tank with a large variety of fish inverts and coral. i was just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for my gold stripe maroon clownfish. he is a wild clown and when i bought him he had an anemone in the tank but the anemone was on hold for someone so i decided to purchase him and give him an anemone of his own. i did i got a large long tenticle anemone but he only survived for about 2 weeks. i have had trouble with anemones in the past but i am now looking for a piece of coral that he may be interested in moving into. i would really like to replace the anemone with a coral that is inexpencive since i don't want to spend a fortune on a coral just yet being a newbie on the reef system. does anyone have any suggestions for me i do have some in mind and he is my list of what i have in my tank currently

xenia,brain coral,frogspawn, and poylps i only have 5 in my tank but will soon be adding more please help my clown fish. he is so lonely w/o his anemone:confused:

01/07/2007, 07:17 PM
he is fine without the anenome. he doesn't need it to host in, nore does he need a coral to host in to be happy.

what kind of lighting do you have? anenomes require a lot of light and regular feedings and do best in an established tank. Your local fish store is taking advantage of your lack of experience and selling you things that can't live successfully in your tank.

01/07/2007, 07:45 PM
currently I have the same issue, but see if a anenome stays in one place, make sure its content though or it will move.

make sure theres good water circulation, and good lighting where its at, and that it can easily eat without moving.

If after a few weeks of not moving, add a frag and see if it works,
thing is my aquarium is too small to have both living together.

01/07/2007, 08:19 PM
Clownfish have been known to take to a variety of different corals; hammer coral, frogspawn coral, bubble coral, torch coral, elegance coral are probably some of the more common ones, but they've also been known to accept flower pot coral, xenia, toadstools, and a few others that you normally wouldn't expect. Try starting a new post asking for pictures of clownfish with weird hosts.