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01/08/2007, 12:44 PM
This tank just got its first saltwater fill :) woohoo !!

22X19X32T, there is 19lb of rock but that was dry weight and so it should be around 65lb wet.

1800gph flow for now and the tank is almost silent running (was my #1 priority. There is an quiet-one 6000 for closed loop, Rio 2500HP for sump flow (300Gph)

Took some creative camouflage to hide the overflow box and inlets but it came out fairly well.

Light is a single 400W 10K German MH

http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2149.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2149.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2150.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2150.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2151.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2151.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2152.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2152.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2153.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2153.JPG)
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01/08/2007, 01:02 PM
nice, i like the aquascaping. 1 big pillar.

Will look better when it clears up. :) got any cleared up pictures?

01/08/2007, 01:06 PM
Should have clear images tomorrow with any luck, starting with green rock is going to prolong the cycle process but as soon as the temp gets into the mid 70's I will move some rock from anther system to get the bacteria jump started.

01/08/2007, 02:03 PM
Nice! Not your typical cube. Did you build it, it's such an odd dimension?

01/08/2007, 03:11 PM
<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=8928482#post8928482 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Bax
Nice! Not your typical cube. Did you build it, it's such an odd dimension? Yes it is custom built, where it is parked had specific dimensions that the tank had to be in order to fit.

At 6'2" to the top lip of the tank, it is a real joy to work on as well. The aquascape was done with the tank laying on its back :)

01/08/2007, 03:24 PM
What are you planning to put in it?

A pair of clowns with an anemone would be a nice center piece in there.

01/08/2007, 07:54 PM
This tank will hold 1 flame angel, Goby/shrimp pair and a pair mated maroons. It will get a RBTA at 6-12 months depending on how tank setttles down.

Coral will be pretty limited to a Blue Tort, and 1 or 2 acros. I am not a big fan of the Heinz 57 coral collections, 1 or 2 mature colonies look better to me.

01/12/2007, 04:38 PM
Ok a whole lot clearer water, got through the cycle in 9 days, not too bad and none too soon, I donated its predecessor to a new RC member (24G nano) :) Start on the new canopy in the morning and will also get some shots of the stand and sump as well... this has been more work than the 180 due to the odd stand size and trying to fit the stuff in it. I also got a CC125 Coral life skimmer and must say I am pretty impressed by it for a budget skimmer, was working right out of the box and pulled skim on day 1

http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2157.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2157.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2156.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2156.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2155.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2155.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2162.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2162.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2161.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2161.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2160.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2160.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2159.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2159.JPG) http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/thumb_DSCN2158.JPG (http://mytankpics.com/tanks/albums/userpics/10002/DSCN2158.JPG)
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