View Full Version : IKS Aquastar to Aquatronica

01/11/2007, 06:36 AM
I am thinking of changing my IKS Aquastar and running an Aquatronica, as I have heard good reports about this unit.

For example:
I would like to control my redox and make sure that the ozone generator is switched off @ 380mV. This sounds simple enough, but would only like to run this for 4 hours every night, not continuously. With the IKS, I have to physically plug a separate timer into the plugbar to achieve this:( . Will I be able to enable a control method and have a timer on the same socket without the extra plug timer?

Has anybody on here already moved over from the 'Darkside' (IKS) :) and if so, how has it worked out for you?



01/18/2007, 12:50 PM
This will work, all you need to do is set a timer for the 4 hours and then set the ORP probe to switch off the Ozone if it goes above 380mv. No extra plug or external timer needed.