View Full Version : Pump Flow Problems

01/14/2007, 01:32 AM
Hello, I am having problems with my sequence 750 4200. I have it plumbed up to my sump from a 90 degreen 2inch elbow. I have the output going into 2 T's stacked on top of each other. 1 output coming out of the left the other end going up into the next T and the left one plumbed up to another and to equalize the pressure I have a 90 barbed fitting on the top one. Each of these is reduced to 3/4 inch tubing using reducers on the T's. The head is about 6 feet and each one is hooked up to a SCWD which leads to a Locline fitting Y. I ran a test and the system was pumping around 1000 gph. This seems very low, although this is a low pressure, low flow pump, perhaps I should change to a medium pressure pump or even a higher pressure rating?