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Deano 1971
01/14/2007, 03:02 AM
Please forgive me if my wish is possible, but i am new to this and pulling my hair out trying.

I would like to be able to dose my kalkstirer at night so my ph is kept more constant. The only way i can see that this is possible at the moment is to use two solinoid valves on my ro unit (1 on a timer to open from 00.00 - 08.00 and another in the same line that will open when my level sensor drops to Level 1. )

It would be better if the timer could over-ride the level sensor and save the need for 2 valves to do the job. Spending more money on an extra solinoid valve seems crazy to me after speding £400 on a computer to do the task.

Anyone been able to find a solution to this problem?

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01/14/2007, 11:24 AM
To do this properly you need two solenoid valves a level sensor and a Kent Float valve.

The KalK goes into one solenoid then into a Y connector and then from the output of the Y into the Kent float valve

RO water goes from the other solenoid then into the other Leg of the Y connector.

The level Sensor goes into the sump to detect when the water level has dropped enough to turn ON the solenoids and also when to turn them OFF.

So now you can send either Ro or Kalk to the sump depending on your pH level. The Kent Valve will work as a backup in case any of the solenoids get stuck ON.

If you have this all setup you can now use an XY program like the one below to control what solenoid will open and when.

Program For RO or Kalk Top Off ( It uses Plug G for Ro Solenoid and Plug H for Kalk Solenoid)

Max Time = 120 Seconds
Variable1 = Sump Level = Low
Delay = 5 seconds

Variable2 = SO5 pH > 8.1
Reference = Yes
Buffer = 0

Action 1
UP01 - PSW1
Plug G RO Water



Max Time = 150 Seconds
Variable1 = Sump Level = Low
Delay = 5 seconds

Variable2 = pH < 8.1
Reference = Yes
Buffer = 0

Action 1
UP01 - PSW1
Plug H - Kalk Water

You can change the pH value from 8.1 to whatever you want as your reference pH.

Hope this helps and sorry, but you do need 2 solenoids and a level sensor if you want to do it right.

Deano 1971
01/14/2007, 03:51 PM
Thanks for your help. It doesnt solve my problem all together but i can adjust it to work. As i am running this from an RO unit, so if i set it up your way i would be running water to waste 24/7 and one of the valves would have kalk water running through it, promoting a blokage.
So i would need to use 3 solinoids to stop wasting water and put the third one in my line before the RO unit. It looks like i might have to do this, but i first posted this on the wish list page because i thought it might be of benifit to allow the aquatronic user to run a solinoid valve that would come on in the event of the water level and ph being low, and within the hours requested. This would cut down on the gear needed for the task, and i am sure it would be of great benifit to many people if the timmer function could override a sensor.

Thanks very much for your help, with a little adjustment your suggestion will work for me very well.

01/14/2007, 08:34 PM
You can do this if you want. I have my topoff only on at night.

Just program the timer before the level&ph and it should work.

However if you pH stays high for an extended period of time, you may run your water level too low.

I use 2 solenoids myself, one is run strictly on a timer, the other one level control. This also assures me that if a solenoid sticks open, I won't overflow my sump.

01/15/2007, 11:41 AM
Timer overriding a sensor would be bad, it would make the level sensor useless.

Deano 1971
01/15/2007, 02:04 PM
I wrote that wrong. What i ment was to work along with a sensor. ( Eg. solinoid to start in the event of level sensor dropping, but only to work withinn set hours.)

01/15/2007, 06:03 PM
That would be a nice feature.

01/22/2007, 04:57 AM
Hi Deano 1971,

I asked to work on this feature for future updates.