View Full Version : why duel weir/overflow very strange setup... help

01/14/2007, 04:18 PM
i have seen a few tanks with a duel weir not 2 seprate weirs /overflow but one with a bottom skimming effect and surface skimming effect, so there is 2 peices of glass to make up the weir / overflow.
something like this

has anyone got any experiance with such a thing is so bad or good???
and why?

01/14/2007, 05:56 PM
any one?

01/14/2007, 06:36 PM
AGA Twin Flow is like that. Mega Flow has one in the middle too.



The MegaFlow™ Overflow System by All-Glass Aquarium is engineered to allow maximum water flow to the main filter system, while greatly reducing the cascading water sound. The MegaFlow™ Overflow System design draws water from the surface, mid-range, and bottom levels of your aquarium. This provides more effective circulation and filtration, which in turn helps eliminate dead water zones in your aquarium. The MegaFlow™ allows more water flow than the previous All-Glass overflow design and significantly outperforms the competitors tube design. The new design can handle an actual maximum flow through rate of 600 G.P.H. per overflow. The MegaFlow™ Overflow is securely bonded and sealed to the back wall of the aquarium with silicone. The overflow construction makes it rugged and durable and allows the user to stack rock or other decorating materials right up against it…no unprotected flimsy clear plastic tubes to worry about. This new back wall mounted design also keeps unsightly plumbing from being seen. Aquariums up to 110 gallons are fitted with one MegaFlow™ Overflow and are rated for a maximum flow through of 600 G.P.H. (Using a rated 2,400 G.P.H. pump at a 5 foot head).

01/15/2007, 02:51 PM
but the question is it useful or just another marketing scheme. I relise that surface skimming is rather important but i just cant see what real use this would serve. The reason i ask this is because i purchased (laybyed) a new tank because it was soooo cheap i couldnt pass the offer, and this uses a bottom overflow and top (surface skimming) i am contenplaing just siliconing up the bottom, as i dont see much use for it. What whould you guys do leave it or seal it up???