View Full Version : external Pump size?

01/15/2007, 07:54 AM
Okay, I am not great at math, so I am looking for some help.
I am upgrading my system
I have just bought a 180 g tank for my living room and planning to place a 70 gal sump in my basement.
I am going to drill three 1 1/4 holes in my tank for overflow.
My return pumping from the sump will from the tank at a 90 degree down 5 ft, go into the wall at 45 degrees another 2 ft, 90 degrees, 6 ft to my sump.
My question is what size of a pump should I get? GPH?

01/15/2007, 08:05 AM
I have a 180G with a 75G basement sump, 30G fuge. Vertical head is ~ 10'. I'm using a Gen-X Mak4. Part of the flow is T'd off to the fuge. It works great and is a good value in an external pump. It is not a quiet pump, but since it is in the basement, that was not a concern.