View Full Version : 2nd Year Event - Reeffórum Portugal

Rui Manuel Gasp
01/15/2007, 10:34 AM
Hello all,

In 9th Setember 2006, Reeffórum (www.reefforum.net) (a Portuguese forum) made is second year existence.

Our beloved Administrator granted all member a memorable event that had the participation of Anthony Calfo, Eric Borneman and Gustavo Duarte.

Each one of this distinguished guest made a presentation and in the end all of them offered us a Coral Propagation Workshop.

Reeffórum recorded a DVD with all the event.

As for Gustavo Duarte the presentation is in Portuguese.
But for non-portuguese speakers you can always enjoy the humor of Anthony Calfo and the suberb presentation from Eric Borneman including a quick brief on his Catalaphylia Project.

If you want a copy of this moment please contact me by e-mail and donate 10€ to the fórum (you can see the paypal account in the initial web-page)