View Full Version : lighting question/concerns

01/15/2007, 03:00 PM
Hi everyone, I am currently going through h*ll trying to figure out a way to get my Aqualight pro, by Coralife to work again. Meanwhile my corals have no light and im sad and worried! Please help!!
My flourecents are nto lighting up, the HQI works along with my Lunars. The flourencents are 2x65watt PC Blue square pins. NO ONE IN my town have these in stock, i dont know if its the bulbs or the ballast? The ballasts are out of stock EVERYWHERE. The replacement bulbs are no where to be found anywhere in this city i live in. What do i do?? I lost a Bubble, Torch is dying. I wanted to replace all the lights anyways, to increase the watts. I have a 54gallon CORNER tank. I was told IF i wanted to increase the wattage id have to buy a different Ballast anyway...AM I BETTER OFF BUYING A WHOLE NEW FIXTURE??? I cant afford to see my Babies die, due to the crappy city i live in NOT having anything in stock. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME :(