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01/15/2007, 08:59 PM
does anyone use this skimmer? and thought if its good or not

01/15/2007, 11:10 PM
Yes, I have used it and still have mine. In fact, I plan on using it on my 150 as a secondary skimmer.

They're a simple venturi design and very easy to use. I would say the max size it's useful for is a 75 gal. No way it's going to work out for your 210 if that's what your planning. Could be used secondarily on your tank though.

Here's some additional information I gave to another poster a few months back.

"A model 6 huh? There's a blast from the past. Oceanic probably hasn't made that skimmer in over a decade. To bad too, they're not a bad little skimmer. As for the valve, I guess it depends on the pump you have. They were spec'ed with an Eheim 1250 which seemed to work very well. I ran the 1250 wide open and used an air valve on the venturi inlet to adjust the water hight. As the pump aged I ended up pulling the air valve off and running the venturi wide open. By the way, I used a fitting to thread the pump directly on to the input of the skimmer and all of it sat in my sump. There was no hose between the pump and the skimmer. I felt this was the most efficient way to run it.

If you can let it drain into the wet/dry I would do that. Putting any kind of fitting and hose on the outlet caused too much back pressure and made it very difficult to adjust consistently.

Maintenance is very simple too. Clean the cup and neck often for optimal skimming. Stick the end of the venturi air draw into a cup of very hot RO water about once a week. This will help keep it clog free between major cleanings. Every so often, take everything (pump and all) and give it a vinegar bath to clean out the calcium deposits and what not. That's about it."

01/16/2007, 01:02 AM
LOL! Your former post reminded me of my own post made in response to someone asking about a Oceanic Plus 4.

"Wow - that's a blast from the past. Way back when Oceanic actually made skimmers. It's an old style in-sump venturi skimmer that used to be powered by Eheim pumps. "


01/16/2007, 02:36 PM
thanks for the info guys i was going to use it for my tank but i guess its to small. i have the corallife one on now but i would like a shorter one to deal with.