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01/16/2007, 09:40 AM

Had a 20gl reef tank for a couple of years and ended up giving it to a friend when I moved. I mess it much and am starting up a new setup. Just whant to see what you all think.

40gl display tank 18x36x18
20gl long sump / refrigurim
light is corallife 36", 2 PC 1 antic, 1 blue, w/ lunner ligths

going to have about 1.5" sand bed in display tank(fugi pink) and 2" - 3" in refrigurim

around 40lb-50lb rock(not sure what type yet)

Main thing I could use sugestions on is the return pump. how big and any sugestions? The sump will be about 3ft below the display tank.

I was thinking of doing a 'T' one constant on the left and create a surge divise on the right side.

If I do the surge divise what size should I shoot for 1gallon to much?

Thanks to all
Alot of good resorces. Just after reading a hand full of post here I think I know more know then I did after having an ok tank for 2 years.

Bri Guy
01/17/2007, 02:06 AM

I just got done seting up something close to what your looking at doing.

Here are some pics of mine (for ideas)



I have the coralife 36" 192w, 2 10g tanks for sump, Ehiem 1250 for return, through a SQWD, there are extra powerheads for more flow (you may want to go with the 1260)

I love the Ehiem, its so quiet, and reliable!

Good luck with the new setup, keep askin questions and searching for stuff on here (try the newbie thread for quicker answers)

01/17/2007, 11:35 AM
Thanks for the info.

01/17/2007, 12:32 PM
A few new ideas have emerged in the last few years that you may want to be aware of:

(1) Return pumps are less powerful with flow devices (powerheads) providing more in-tank flow. This reduces noise, lowers refugium flow and improves skimmer efficiency. Eheims and Ocean Runner pumps are quiet. Vortech propellers that are magnetically attached to your tank and magnetically driven are the new rage.

(2) T5 lighting (90-100 lumens per watt) with long-lasting lamps, individual reflectors, and dual timers for dawn-dusk cycles is on the rise. Check out Tek Lights at www.diyreef.com.

(3) Thread-wheel skimmers, such as the ATI Bubble Master 150 at www.reefgeek.com, are on the heels of needle-wheel skimmers.