View Full Version : ER CS6-2 problem

01/16/2007, 11:34 AM
Hi everybody...

I have the Euroreef CS6-2 skimmer on a 75g. tank (prolly ~100 g. water total in system w. sump included)

I've had a couple of problems...

First, should there be some type of valve on the airline? I didn't have one with mine but it seems it should be there.

Second, the collection cup came separated from the threaded base, so it has been leaking skimmate for ~3 weeks back into the water. It finally really broke and I siliconed it back together. Will the silicone be OK as a permanent fix there? I certainly don't want that problem again.

Third, I'd think I should be pulling more skimmate out of the water. I couldn't overflow my skimmate cup if I tried. I have the riser pipe as high as I can get it, (right at the bottom of the cup), and it is 2-3 days before I get more than about 1/2" deep dark green skimmate.

My tank has been running ~3 months w. a Foxface Lo & 2 clowns, so its not like there is nothing to skim. I have HA, which I am hoping is from 3-4 weeks of skimmate leak. It seems to be receding now that the cup is fixed (may be wishful thinking)

I have the skimmer up on an acrylic box so it is sitting in the manufacturer's recommended depth of water (6-8" I think), and I can have more water in my sump (its in the deep end).

Any advice for getting better performance from this thing? It is my first skimmer so I don't know much about how it **SHOULD** work, so I'm afraid to do the gate valve mod & screw it up past saving it.

TIA - Elizabeth