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01/31/2007, 04:53 PM
I picked up a Won Brother's 1000w heater tube/controller (WON-PHD1000) about 6 months ago from PA for my reef system (240g display, 200g in sump/fuge/frag tank)...it's kept in the sump out in the garage.

Well, true to murphy's law, when the Indiana weather hit 20 degrees, the heater controller has gone dumb on me.

It would appear that the temp sensor is reading about 15 degrees higher than it should, so it doesn't kick the heating element on when it should. For the time being, I've just dialed the temperature for it to trigger the heater accordingly, but needless to say......walking by and seeing '93 degrees' on the readout kinda bugs me. The controller only goes up to 95 degrees, so if it gets any further out of whack, even that won't work.

I guess i'm just wondering what my options are. would a replacement controller only be an option? (it would appear the heating element itself is still fine - when triggered, it heats just fine)

Would a non-heater-specific controller be an option for this heating element? (something like a lighthouse, or similar)

I didn't notice any other large wattage heaters on the site, other than the 800w finnex, and the reviews on those don't exactly fill me with confidence, either. Anything I'm missing here?

01/31/2007, 05:56 PM
Sorry, wrong forum.

02/01/2007, 02:36 PM
ok, the controller has slid into absolute insanity.

it now thinks the sump temperature is 128 degrees, so i can't even over-adjust to keep the heater kicking in when i need it.

02/06/2007, 10:23 PM

i knew i should have gotten clarification on this.

Would a non-heater-specific controller be an option for this heating element? (something like a lighthouse, or similar)

just got the lighthouse set up.

looks like i've got a choice of it controlling the heater, or it controlling the lights. both tends to make it roll over and play dead.

ok, i guess i'll ask myself another question ;^)

any chance of a power strip for the lighthouse that can handle a larger load, or am i doubly boned?

02/07/2007, 07:41 AM
Here's a thread on how to increase the power output of any aquarium controller's power strip:


02/07/2007, 08:35 AM
very cool, joejvj - i'm just not exactly very electrically inclined...i'd be too afraid of burning my house down or boiling my tank to use something like that...that i made, tho.

still, cool link

02/07/2007, 11:10 AM
Ok that happened to me also with my won heater mine acted up after six months i called the company and they told me that the heat sensor went out. So i had won send me another one. I took apart the box controller un soldiered the Leeds and reconnected the new one and it works great ! I know it sounds like a allot of work but its not. I think that heater is great because of the UN breakable heating element no glass. there is a one year warranty on the heater I hope this helps

Jeremy B.
02/09/2007, 07:47 AM

I just noticed that no one from Premium Aquatics has replied to this, I apologize. The unit should still be under warranty. Give me a call at your convenience and I'll get Won Bros info for you to call on warranty.


02/09/2007, 11:47 AM
i got their info off of their website and gave them a call

they wanted me to ship both the heater and controller in....i'm thinking my reef probably wouldn't enjoy being a slushy in the intervening period ;^)

as is...i can control the heater w/ the lighthouse i picked up this week. (can't control much of anything else with it as of yet, tho...as 1000w of heater juice makes plugging the halides into the lighthouse a non-option)

no biggy on the reply....sounds like you guys have been busy