View Full Version : Quitest/best performing Mesh Wheel Pump GenX, Ocean Runner, Quite one?

02/07/2007, 09:54 AM

I have been following the mesh wheel thread and have been experimenting with different pumps such as the hagen 802 but they are not powerful enough to drive a 40mm diameter wheel and are niosy. I am thinking about trying the GENX2200, OR2500 or the Qiute One 3000. For those who have these pumps both modified and unmodified which one is the quitest, and which is the best to do the mesh wheel on given the dimension of the volute. Also, if anyone has the diamters of the stock impellers of these pumps it would be helpful as again I am trying to put a polyethylene disk of about 40 mm on it simular to ATI's pumps.