View Full Version : How long till I see a cycle?

02/15/2007, 04:07 PM
I set up a 75 gallon reef tank with 112 lbs of live rock from various sources some not cured and some mostly cured. I got it all set up on Sunday 2/11.

I tested the water each day since then with my Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit. I couldn't tell if there was any Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate. If the was any it was very small amounts. So I brought the water to my lab and ran it on my IC which tests for nitrite and nitrate. This was Thursday morning 2/15.

Results were 0.030 ppm Nitrite and 1.075 ppm Nitrate. I also had it tested for Ammonia which was 0.194 ppm . I also noticed 1.125 ppm of Fluoride any idea if this is a problem?

I have currently have and ehiem 1262 return pump, a mag 1.5, a maxijet 600, and 2 maxijet 1200 for circulation. (Waiting on 2 Koralia 4's to replace the maxijets and the mag 1.5) I estimate 1540 gph total. Approximately 20x turnover per hour.

I also have the old euro reef skimmer model cs-8-2 which is rated for a 155 gallon tank in my sump.

Other parameters are ok temp = 80, akalinity = 10 dkh, calcium = 370, and 1.024 = salinity.

Is it possible that this high flow and good skimming had made for no apparent cycle?

Or should I still expect to see it later? Or could I have missed it?

Any thoughts are appreciated. I dont have much experience with cycling because in the past I have basically lucked out had all fully cured well established rock when I was setting up.

02/15/2007, 04:16 PM
Sounds like the rock was clean, and so there won't be any ammonia spike. I'd wait a while just to be sure, but you could likely start stocking animals in a few weeks.

02/15/2007, 04:49 PM
When do you think a clean up cre should go in?

02/15/2007, 05:29 PM
I'd probably just start with a few Trochus and Stomatella snails, and add more on an as-needed basis.