View Full Version : Is a dried out ORP probe dangerous?

02/26/2007, 10:24 AM
I had a Lighthouse on both of my tanks. Recently I took down my smaller tank and merged them (a suicidal jumping 6-line was the catalyst :( ).

Unfortunately I didn't think about the orp probe and it sat dry for a day and a half. Since I wasn't using the lighthouse for a display tank anymore I moved it to my QT system. Without thinking I just put all the probes back in. The ORP probe seems to read just fine, but it leaked goo after a couple of days in the water. Instead of just having gel ovaled around the probe it actually slid down and was hanging below the plastic shields. After I cleaned off that first glob, its gone back to the normal ovaled appearance. I'm pretty sure I managed to wipe off all the extra gel and there doesn't appear to be any in the tank. I did run a decent amount of carbon for a day. Do I need to completely change the water in there or will the carbon have gotten anything harmful?

For safety I've put the probe in a glass of saltwater beside the tank, but is there anything harmful in the gel? Is it even likely to leak again now that it appears to have sealed itself back?

I now know that drying out the probes can ruin them, but in this case is it going to work ok? If it won't contaminate water I can calibrate both probes and compare them in the same water to see if there is a difference. I don't really need the orp probe for the QT tank, but I hate to let it ruin by drying it again so I'll keep it in there if it isn't contaminating anything.

Jeremy B.
02/26/2007, 03:47 PM
You shouldn't have any contamination issues with that gel. Most likely the probe will still be fine if it was that short of time. Do you have any other means of testing another probe up against it?

02/26/2007, 04:04 PM
Good to hear the gel should hurt anything. I've got a replacement six line in the qt now and he seemed ok, but I was a bit worried.

When I finally need to check accuracy I've got another lighthouse and orp probe on the 120. I'll just carry the qt's lighthouse to the other tank pull a water sample and drop both probes in it. Until I set the second tank back up it really isn't that important. I just wanted to use the orp probe to keep it wet.

A few weeks back I ordered a couple of orp calibration packets, but I've been too busy to use them. This might be a good time to finish that up while I'm at it.

Thanks for the reply.