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02/26/2007, 02:19 PM
I'm trying to figure out what and how often to feed. I need to put myself on a schedule. I just got a new reef calendar and would like to make certain days for feeding certain things. I have a bad habit of over feeding. I currently have a 72 gallon bow with about 18 gallons in the sump. So, about 90 gallons all together. I don't have any SPS yet but am working on my skills to have some. Mostly mushrooms, zoos, clam, and LPS. I would say I have a small load. Plus, Hippo tang, yellow tang, flame angel, Mandrian, and one firefish. And yes I'm planning a 120g for my tangs this summer so no flaming. I just want to know what you guys are feeding and when. My supplies are as follows, DT Phytoplankton, DT Oyster eggs, Formula One and Two flakes and pellets, frozen cyclop-eeze, mysis shrimp, and squid. They say to feed the corals DT's every three days but is that assuming that you are only feeding one thing? Like would I feed Phytoplankton on the first day, Oyster eggs three days later, then Cyclop-eeze three days after that? Or a small amount of each every three days. Plus, how often should I feed the fish frozen foods? And should it be on the same day as I'm feeding corals? If you guys could I would like to get as many as possible with a list of your feeding schedules. Put how many gallons and low, medium, or high load. Then Sunday through Saturday feeding schedules. Thanks and I hope this goes good because I'm sure I'm not the only new guy wondering.

02/26/2007, 03:28 PM
Ok everybody be nice and form a line. Don't want everyone to answer all at once. :)

02/26/2007, 03:55 PM
Easy there boy it's not a writting rule , when where and how to feed.
I feed my fish: hippo yellow and clowns every day and the still act like i didn't feed them in weeks.
The corals i feedevery other day, and yes i mix it, only 4 the calcium i feed that every otherday the same amount.
What you feed and when you feed depends on youre corals, feed some ,check, they'll tell you if youre doing a good job ore not.

02/26/2007, 04:07 PM
Only you know the best answer for these questions. Through proper inspection of how much your system needs you can adjust accordingly. Since you are noticing you are overfeeding I think you are getting the grasp for it.

For me I feed frozen foods everyday to my clown, cardinal, anthias, and angel. I supplement selcon, vita chem, to mysis and angelfish frozen foods. I also feed formula 2 sparingly.

For my corals and clams, I have many sps, LPS, anemones, and softies. I feed DT's, cyclop-eeze, coral frenzy, and ocean fresh coral vibrance powder every other day, but sometimes twice per day.


02/26/2007, 05:06 PM
I know there is no rule and I know I'm the only one that knows my tank the best but I was just looking for other to give me a good starting point. Thanks for the info, keep it coming.

02/26/2007, 06:07 PM
I feed my fish once everynight. I mix up their diet by using a variety of different frozen, flake, and occasionally live foods. Sometimes, since I have a few grazers in my tank, I'll skip a night.

02/26/2007, 06:31 PM
i usually just feed mine every evening when i get home from work. i have a rather large blonde naso and a hippo tang. neither one of them will touch any kind of kelp/seaweed. they love the spectrum pellets. i have tried over and over to get them to try seaweed. i attach it to a clip and they just disregard it.