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02/27/2007, 10:41 PM
I am new to owning a skunk clown.

I have a newly cycled 20 gallon FOwLR tank. I have a skunk clown, a six-line wrasse, a pink spot goby, and a mimic filefish.

Tonight I noticed my skunk clown doing something weird. He was splashing his tail in the sand and using it to dig pits in the sand bed. He would wiggle his tail in the sand violently sending plumes of sand into the water. it's like he was trying to scratch his butt.

I also witnessed him scooping up sand in his mouth and spitting it out, like a sand sifting goby, except not letting it through his gills.

It was almost like a nesting behavior.

Anyway, I've owned Ocellaris and Percula and never experienced this.

Is this just a skunk clown thing? That they dig and eat sand? or is there something going on with my skunk clown?

Your thoughts are appreciated.


02/27/2007, 10:50 PM
nah, not just a skunk thing. Clowns in general are just goofy like that ;) Some do it, some dont. My black ocellaris do. They're just messing stuff up to how they like it basically.

But IMO you got too many fish for a 20g tank, and that sixline for sure is way too active. I wouldnt put one in anything less than 30. I had one in a 55 first, and then one in my 40 breeder. And honestly, the 40 breeder is pretty close to too small for them IMO. They're just too active. I'd get rid of the sixline for sure.

02/27/2007, 11:09 PM
Thanks for the info dudeguy, I had no idea a six line needed a bigger tank. I've had one in my 120 gallon with no issue, and they stay so small.

I just figured a small fish like that would be ok in a small tank, it's 30" long though, so there's almost 3 feet of swimming space.