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03/04/2007, 03:55 PM
Hi Randy,

I have a humble :) request for a future article (or in-depth posting).

I know that there are a few threads that talk about the Balling method(s) used in much of Europe in comparison with the two-part (three-part) system that you have written about extensively, but I think it would be very enlightening if you could do a more in-depth comparison for us.

I think the main confusion comes about with the claim that there is a noticeable buildup of NaCl leading to ionic imbalance, which must be dealt with. The Balling method involves using NaCl-free salt mix to address this. It's my understanding that this is not an issue with the two-part method (as you describe it)...

My main questions are:
Is the Balling method really the same as the two-part method, just doing something additional (dosing with NaCl-free salts)?

If they are the same, is the claim about NaCl buildup wrong?

If I had to put my money on what was wrong here, I would put it on my understanding :D , so any information would be appreciated.


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03/08/2007, 08:37 PM
The definition of the Balling method seems a bit loose, from what I can tell, but it seems to fall into the 2-part category. Limewater is one way to avoid salt buildup, as is a CO2-driven reactor, more or less. Calcium acetate, although expensive, should be in the same category, I think.

If you can post a link to the exact formulae you're considering, we might be able to help more.