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03/05/2007, 02:31 PM
I posted a few months ago about a Vermetid snail infestation.


I've pretty much given up at this point on my 55 and I'm interested in what I can save and what has to go. I have a 330 gal custom setup downstairs which I'm ready to set up and I plan on doing it without this particular breed of vermetid snail if at all possible. I have a large LTA and host clown which have done quite well together for the past few years. I have other fish and corals which I really don't want to just flush and toss out. Unfortunately, the many thousands of vermetids which have taken over every inch of my system have upset the balance and I'm unable to recover after 9 months of trying everything. I've progressively changed out virtually every component of a system which was well established and trouble free for years. Maybe I was just very unlucky with the particular strain of vermetid, or perhaps there are variables which I'm not able to discover and address. I'm so sorry that I introduced some Carribean shelf rock into my old 55 without cooking it first, but I'm glad that I discovered the problem before I set up the larger system. I guess I figured wrongly that since it had been sitting dried out on a table for several months it would be free of such pests.

In a last ditch effort I threw out half the lr in an effort to reduce the surface area for vermetids and algae. I realize that with constant effort, more skimming, etc, I might be able to re-balance the system and tread water but the reality is that the new system is ready and this infested one has got to go. Should I concentrate only on saving the fish and just get rid of all the rest of it? How can I move / isolate my fish from all aspects of the vermetid reproductive cycle? Frustrated and :mad2:

03/05/2007, 03:09 PM
I picture a million spider webs in your tank. So thick that you cant see anything? :lol:

No need to be upset, vermetids are not harmfull so why are you so upset? Do they make your tank ugly? Kill stuff?

Anyways if you really need to get rid of them, I sugest asking Dr. Ron on Marine Depot forums. He can tell you what is a natural predator of them and how to get rid of em better than anyone can here. Well maybee Green bean could.

I have lots too but they dont bother me so much.