View Full Version : Colochirus robustus / Yellow Sea Cucumber Question

03/06/2007, 07:01 AM
I picked on of these guys up two days ago. At the Fish store the filter feeding arms things at the top of its head appeared to be extended really well. After two days of being in a very high area in my aquarium with moderate/strong flow the cucumber doesn't open up until all of the lights go out. It is usually closed by morning when I wake up. Do I need to move it somewhere else? Where is a good location for these little guys to be? Thanks for any help.

03/06/2007, 07:20 AM
Try putting him on the sand bed. Mine will stay curled up in the shade in the day when my lights are on and will come out to feed mostly at night.

Try peaking in at night and see if hes out and about? They're kind of like the ocean's solution to a Roomba

03/06/2007, 08:10 AM
I had another kind of filter feeding cucumber, the pink-green, Pentacta anceps. It was always on the top, crown facing incoming flow
don't mind the yellow one - it's sand-sifting, I thought it was filter-feeding - was on the top of the tank in LFS.

Flow - not too forceful, ~100 gph from power filter, and later, in another tank - from Micro-Jet 450. It's eating all the time, looks like licking fingers every few seconds.

It become closed, when flow of the food ended (same as corals do):
after the tank cleaning and, when some toxic inhabitants died in the tank - forever (and died next day in a hospital tank, sorry for bringing up such topic. Doesn't expel guts at the end, no troubles of any kind).

You may try (just a guess) more food (for my 5-6g hexagon it was 2-3 tablespoon of the water, left after thawing the mysis in saltwater, or any small-sized food available to you), check intensity of the flow, and test ammonia in the tank - in a day it should show itself. How the other tank inhabitants are feeling?

If I remember right, the wetwebmedia has several posts about Colochirus robustus, they are always at the top, feeding.