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03/06/2007, 09:07 AM
Hey Everyone,

So this is the deal, i have a 36 gallon mixed reef with:

-8 SPS frags growing nicely
-3 LPS
-1 Softy
-1 Ric
-3 Clams
-4 Zoas

Well, the good news is i just got an internship for this summer with BE Aerospace Corporation. The bad news is i am going to need to shut down my 36 while i am gone. So.....

I want to set up a nano to take with me so i can keep my SPS frags (all between 1-4 inches), and frags of few others. I will sell the clams and all other livestock. Dont worry i plan on resetting up the tank when i get back in the fall. But i dont know what to do as far as a nano goes, all i know is it needs to be fairly small and have a good light:

Will you please give you opinion on each of the following setups:

- AGA 10 gallon with 150 sunpod, with custom AC 110 fuge.

- 14 biocube or 12 Aquapod with 70 sunpod.

- 14 biocube or 12 Aquapod with 150 sunpod (wouldnt fit right though)

Price wise they are all close, around $300

Each setup would have a ATO, established live rock, weekly water changes with RO/DI, good flow, SSB, refugium of some sort, and other small goodies.


What should i do?

Would the 70 watt sunpod be enough for the SPS for 3 months?

Anyone have any other ideas?

Well heres a picture of my currrent setup, which which i will be transfering the corals i mentioned above to for the summer:


Thanks for your time and help everyone!

03/06/2007, 10:37 PM
I would get the tank with the 150w bulb because you know it will be sufficient.

Peter Eichler
03/06/2007, 11:06 PM
Is the 36 gallon really too big to take with? If you want a smaller tank I'd skip the AGA 10 gallon and get a aga 15 gallon, it'll give you a little more front to back space and will only take up 4 more inches length wise. Heck, while you're at it just get a 20H. It's the same footprint as the 15 gallon just a little higher and twice the water volume compared to the 10 can make a big difference in stability. Even better yet get a 22 or 33 cube from oceanic :p

Otherwise get one of the nano setups. I agree about going with the 150w MH, unless heat will be an issue at your new place.

03/07/2007, 02:07 AM
^^yep......I choose C!