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03/07/2007, 12:41 PM
i gotta start by saying i love this place, there is soo much info and i am greatful that it's here.
so i've been researching MH lighting ever since i got mine almost two years ago. with little knowledge i bought ice-cap 175w electronic ballast to used ushio and hamilton 14k se bulbs. since then i have only experimented with kelvin spectrum buying a 20k & a 10k hamilton. i have examined the research Sanjay have published. and read extensively through the forums and to me it sounds like for the 175w MH that Iwasaki 15k are the best bulb. i believe the recomended ballast for that bulb is a pulse start and i'm wondering if i buy the recomended ballast it will make that annoying "humming" sound that i can't stand. is this true? and i enturpeted the way you stated the benifits of the electronic ballasts as being sceptical.am i right in saying so? also you never really state what bulb and ballast systems are best. WHY? i know it might be hard to get ad money if your talking smack about their product but you could certianly say how great specific products are and there advantages to using them over others i think with offending anyone. if it's not that then is there no data on what the natural growth rate of wild corals is, i'm confused. anyway thanks for the article it really educated me on how MH function and the differences between bulbs and ballasts.