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03/07/2007, 04:43 PM
Hi folks! im new to rc but have been lurking for quite sometime reading up on the hobby etc. After careful consideration of the time needed as well as the $$ required to be in this hobby I decided that it was time and so i went out ang got a small tank 20g which is about to complete its cycle. I stocked it with some carib sand and approx 15 lb of live rock My levels have been steadily going down and nitrates are now less than 5 ppm. I recently installed a hob refugium with a built in skimmer which i stocked with some chaeto and a rock with pods to grow so that i may eventually get a mandarin. I have a remora hanging on the back in conjuction with the hob refugium. i was told at the LFS that i could run them together but i think that would be just too much so i decided to take the remora out and decided to just use the skimmer thats built into the fuge. The built in skimmer actually performs better than the remora but there are a lot of micro bubbles escaping back to the tank. Will this go away after a break in period or is there anything I can do to minimize the microbubbles returing to the main tank ang suggestions would be great!

03/07/2007, 06:04 PM
Welcome to reefcentral driftwood. The microbubbles will go away when the skimmer is broken in.. But you should definently rethink the mandarin because it will SURELY starve to death in a 20gallon tank.

They eat copods that reproduce in live rock and typically one needs hundreds of lbs of live rock to keep the pod population up.