View Full Version : sump layout..

03/08/2007, 09:53 PM

well i already installed these baffles.. with out calculating flow and possible flood patterns from the baffles being so high, i wanted to make that fuge area a second display / planted tank with DSP.

my return pump is only 270 gph after head loss.. should i fear a flood? the tank im using is a 30 gallon standard ( 36long x 12wide x 15 tall )
since the baffles are already installed should i try and trim them some ? baffles are glass. ..... sigh...

03/08/2007, 10:03 PM
how big is your return area. (Where the pump is) That is the only place you will see evaporation and it is space for backflow with power off. One tip here is make sure you use siphon break holes very close to your running level to stop back siphon from return plumbing. It might work but you will have to watch top off.

03/09/2007, 07:36 AM
Yea, i marked my sump with a bic so i know where it needs to be water level wise so its at a steady .025 always, and the two holes are very important on your return to stop back syphon. Just make sure you have room for extra water in your sump and you should be ok.