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03/11/2007, 05:56 PM
I need a good chiller for my 300gal saltwater tank. Question what is a good and reliable name brand chiller and what size to get? There are so many choices at there.


03/11/2007, 06:38 PM
Aqualogic 1/2 HP is a beast, I live in SOCAL and had my prop tank that went 250gal total in my garage. Last summer we had the worst heat for long periods of time, and my garage had to average 90+ during that time. When water temp went to 81 the chiller kicked in and ran for no more than a few minutes and right back down to 79, so while other were having a hard time keeping temps with there chillers that were under powered for there system. I cant say enough for Aqualogic chillers, and if you have a problem with a part for it you can get it from any HVAC shop to keep it going "All American made parts", that is why used ones are sought after, they are easy to rebuild.