View Full Version : Lighting bulb question

03/12/2007, 02:59 PM

I currently have a Coralife Delux 4X65watt (260 Watt total) lighting system on a 120gal tank it is 24" deep (not really shure im at work now)

I just bought two Aqualight Advanced Hang-On Tank Mount HQI 150W 20,000K to add to it - so I will be running all three lights

Should I run the 20k lighting or get 10k, or 14k bulbs? I want to have a couple RBTA's.



03/27/2007, 10:14 PM
no one has any advice? I have been looking at the Hang on 150w HQI and would be interested in what people thought about the bulb that was being used.

How do you like your fixtures Kozmok?