View Full Version : Phosban Reactor Location

04/06/2007, 06:12 PM
Any tips/ideas on where in my sump to place my phosban reactor? I was considering placing it in the drain compartment of my sump and then taking the output from the reactor to go BACK into the filter sock....any thought on this?
Any benefit to placing it in the return area of my sump?

04/07/2007, 08:34 AM
I am pondering the same question as I am planning to install a phosphate & carbon media reactor with a circulation pump. My initial choice is the return compartment because that compartment has less debris that may clog the reactor. I'm not sure if access to cleaner water is the only consideration but that is my main consideration.

04/07/2007, 04:30 PM
so i figure you want to grab the most phosphates you can before the algae can consume them. i've got mine on a minijet in the drain area of my sump, with the return line dropping back into the air opening of one of the drains. i used to run it into a filter sock shoved between baffles, and would recommend doing that to start.

there's two things to deal with here, one is the sudden reduction of all phosphate screwing up other chemical reactions they participated in, i had that happen and would recommend not doing what i did which was use 150g in my 120 to start. there's a randy holmes-farley article on the subject on this site from last year, i'd recommend reading that.

the other thing you need to worry about is getting low enough flow to make the reactor do its job without leaching GFO dust all over your system. this is bad, too. it doesn't hurt you to start off with the output draning in a filter sock, once you've got your flow adjusted so it's not a pile of rust in there then you can ditch it.

also, once a week turn the flow up in it for a few seconds just to blow out the air and stir up the media bed, i just left mine alone at first for six weeks and it really cakes up when you do that.