View Full Version : Let's Talk MH Bulbs

04/07/2007, 01:48 PM
I have found so little information on MH bulb specs I figured lets start a thread and share info.

If anyone has technical data on the different bulbs let's post it. I am aware of Dr Joshi's work and that is the main place the most data is, however many bulbs reefers are looking at/considering are not there. The bulb companies offer no data (other then Ushio I found who posts it right on there web site). I have been e-mailing bulb companies and telling them they should have the bulb specs/technical data on their web sites like Ushio does.

So if you have a good link with technical data on lighting please post it, or any good informative articles please post them.

Here are some I have found. I have more but can't remember where I put them.