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04/20/2007, 01:25 AM

My ACjr's clock is slow. I need to set the leap seconds offset, but I don't know what value to enter.

I took these timings this week:
Computer time: Apr 12 2007 18:10:05
Tank time: Apr 12 2007 18:10:05
Computer time: Apr 19 2007 21:44:28
Tank time: Apr 19 2007 21:35:39

So the ACjr is behind by 8 minutes 49 seconds after 7 days, 34 minutes, and 11 seconds.

Put another way, my ACjr is behind 529 seconds after 7.15 days. That comes out to roughly 74 seconds per day. So, I tried setting my "leap seconds per day" to 74. The problem is, when I watch the ACjr clock, it goes WAYYYY too fast. I mean, it will be ahead of the real time by like 10 minutes if I let it run long enough. :confused:

Can anyone help me out here? I've searched for the answer, and I Just can't find it. I'm getting tired of synching the ACjr up with my computer clock.

Thanks a bunch,

04/20/2007, 10:42 AM
Change the leap second value, and then reboot/power cycle the controller. The clock should run correctly.