View Full Version : lighting length and flow on new BB

04/21/2007, 02:01 PM
i just went to BB in my 135, i've got my 3 400 W MH reeflux 12K running 5 hour, 6 center, and 5 hours. 12 hours, Running two 72" sun VHO bulbs purchased late march early april. Reeflux new christmas time. I used to run 7-8 hours on halides. I read that sometimes when going BB you can bleach your sps, so i cut it down. I have a return pump @ 1141 gph with two single returns (thinking of going dual) and a sequence 3600 on a closed loop using 1.5" pipe with 1" for the spraybar, drilled 1/8" holes. I'm getting visual water movement, I see polyps blowing and extending on most frags. Not sure if i'm getting enough movement for all the sps though. what do you think? I really hate to add the seio's back into my tank, it looks nice without them, even w/the white pvc of the loop. I don't have the canopy back on yet due to some reconstruction issue's. i've got eggcrate over top to stop fairy wrasses leaping. The light is approx. 18" above water at this time. My questions are....
1. light schedule
2. need more flow?