View Full Version : Initiate FEED cycle by Digital Input?

04/23/2007, 09:37 AM
I was wondering ....

I'd like to put a botton by my tank that i can just hit, and the FEED cycle goes into effect.
I don't have my computers on alot, and my AC3 is in my garage ... it would be much easier to place a little botton behind my tank that i can just reach, and hit - I'd wire that switch into the digital input / IO breakout box ...

I took the following right out of the manual:
If Switch1 OPEN Then H2O ON
If Switch1 Closed Then H2O OFF

I guess the biggest issue is the feed cycle is ... a countdown timer event ... is there any way to do it? or more importantly ... can the FEED cycle be used @ all in the programming langage?

It is possible to set a program like the following:
If Switch1 OPEN Then FEED ON
If Switch1 Closed Then FEED OFF

Thank You,


04/23/2007, 07:27 PM
You could do something like this:

If Switch1 OPEN Then FED OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then FED ON
Max Change 010 M Then FED ON

The max change keeps the timer FED active for 10 minutes (lenght of the feed cycle), and then on the pumps or whatever do something like this:

OSC 010/010 Then PM1 ON
If Timer FED = ON Then PM1 OFF