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04/23/2007, 08:24 PM
To Whom it may concern......

I am a Retailer in the west coast in the united states. I have purchased one of these controller you build. As i was learning how to control it Via Pc to controller for 3 days i Finnaly got it to communicate with the computer. Then It asked me ( There is a new firmware would you like to install.) YES And BOOM no power and the unit is a paper weight now. Your product looks promising and i belive it would be a great seller. But i have now been with out this thing for more than 4 days and im about to send it to you in a thousand pieces and you can keep my money that i spent on it ..... YOU NEED SUPPORT IN THE UNITED STATES ASAP... IF YOU NEED ME TO BE YOUR SUPPORT FOR USA SEND ME INFO.. IF NOT contact me to get this issue fixed...

916-281-1333 call any time 24/7

code 5 (a10) error in firmware programming......???????

Aquarium Obsessed
04/24/2007, 07:22 AM
Hi Servicky,

Your support for the USA is Aquarium Obsessed who I believe you spoke to yesterday. If your having an issue please call Ron @ 705-719-9111.

Did you turn off ALL FIREWALLS before you updated?


04/24/2007, 03:24 PM
yeap... ran it to main pc with no router as well.... still nothing.... Thank you for the support you guys are awesome and i will continue to do buisness with you guys ... What i am peeved about is aquatronica needs to have a little more information for support in america. where your company isnt involved... When i buy a laptop from circut city i dont call circut city when it breaks down i call hewlett packerd .. Thanks for the info this morning you guys have always been there for my company i didnt want ppl to think i was saying anythiing negitive to AQ.. ( I WAS NOT) will and you guys are great....... have a good one... have wilbur call me when he gets in ....