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05/17/2007, 07:48 PM
ok, so here goes. i have a project in my english class over whatever i want to do, so i chose the importance of reefs and conserving them, yeah a broad topic i know. i was wondering if any of you guys may have an opinion as to why you think it is important to conserve the reef ecosystems. i will do better the more i broaden the sources i use, so if anyone has the time to lend an opinion or fact you may know it will help a lot. i have been browsing the net a bunch but to use sources from a live site imo would be more broad than a web page

i really appreciate even a brief sentence, thanks

05/17/2007, 08:04 PM
You should watch "Sharkwater", a Canadian documentary about long-line fishing, the shark fin industry, and the impact it's having on the world's marine ecosystem. It's not exactly about saving reefs, but it's related. And it's phenomenal.


05/18/2007, 12:41 PM
http://www.aims.gov.au (Austalian Institute of Marine Science)

http://www.oceanconservancy.org (Center for Marine Conservation)

http://www.coralreefalliance.org/ (Coral Reef Alliance)

http://www.iucn.org/ (World Conservation Union)

These are some sites you may want to use. You could also browse through the "Responsible Reefkeeping Forum" for more. Good luck with your paper.

Key topics you could discuss:
Biodiversity/Endangered Species/Global Climate Change(s)
Economic welfare of countries throughout the Pacific and Atlantic (this inludes the travel industry (scuba, snorkeling, etc.), the aquarium hobby and fishing/food)
Aquaculture & Mariculture (specifically geared towards the aquarium hobby)

Good luck with your paper.

05/18/2007, 05:52 PM
Maybe it would be interesting to look at the connections between changes in ocean parameters and the effect on severe weather systems...ok, so "The day after tomorrow" was on TV the other night...but an interesting thing to investigate :) Everyone's interested in and affected by the weather.