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05/18/2007, 07:03 AM
Hi Curt,

I was wondering in order to see the graph on the AquaNotes, does the pH have to be also connected? As of now, I only have the temperature connected and are not able to see any graph.

05/18/2007, 12:48 PM
No, pH isn't required for graphing.

Please check these two items; one or both is probably the problem:

- On the config tab of the Database->Tank Database window make sure that record datalog is checked.
- On the same window make sure that the Serial # field matches the AquaController serial number. The AquaController serial number can be found on the AquaController's self test screen.

When these are set correctly perform a Database->retrieve datalogs; when complete you should have data in the database, and be able to graph it.