View Full Version : Old lr, should I add it to my new Chaeto prop tank?

05/20/2007, 03:30 PM
I just finished setting up a tank to grow out some Cheato to sell. On my back deck I have some lr that has been out there since Dec. (I think). The rock has been in a bucket of sw since being taken out of my last tank (that was broke down due to algae infestation). It does show some coralline type algae growth on the top rocks in the bucket (the ones that have been exposed to sunlight). It was pretty good rock when I first got it.

So, should I add it to my Chaeto prop tank? This tank is a stand alone tank (not tied into any other tanks). Opinions/advice/recommendations welcomed.

05/20/2007, 03:45 PM
Sure, it would be good if you want to add a source ammonia so the rock could convert it into nitrates, then the chaeto would eat the nitrates, otherwise you would have to add nitrate to the system with some type of F2 to get good growth out of the chaeto.

Since your raising the chaeto to sell the faster it gorws the better right.

Personally IME I had better luck with the slae aspect growing other species of maro algaes, including red grape, and prolifera. Many people just give chaeto away for free, but the other macro's are usually sold.


05/20/2007, 04:14 PM
pledosophy: Thanks for the advise. I like the idea of the lr adding ammonia and therefore starting a cycle to help grow the Chaeto. In my area Chaeto is almost unheard of. I plan on selling it to my LFS's and some online. A short time ago I seen a lot of unanswered wtb threads for Chaeto.