View Full Version : AC III Few Questions Newbie

05/26/2007, 08:41 AM
Ok My AC III has been running great, However there have been a few occasions when suddenly, everything goes out, Lights, Pumps, However the controller shows no sign of a power loss re - boot etc. I reset this by re connecting my ethernet cable and simply doing a update. It then seems to start back up normally lights, pumps etc. I checked the DC 8 is fine green light, no popped fuse etc. Could someone give me a suggestion where to check etc. My second questions is accessing the ACIII via ethernet etc for an E-Mail alarm, power failure do i have to obtain the Aqua Notes Pro Software,?

Thanks in advance Steve..:confused:

05/26/2007, 11:37 AM
I'm tagging along since I just set mine up a few weeks ago. Do you have latest version of firmware installed on AC III. How many DC8's you using and what is the amount of AMPS/Watts your drawing on it. Maybe you are drawing to much on it.

Don't need the pro to get email alarms. I have mine wired to wireless linksys router and get emails. Just have to program ACIII with your email info. Make sure your ACIII Ip and gateway / dns settings match your home network. The canyouseeme.org or what ever 1st or 2nd page of manual will help set stuff up, in addition to going into dos and ping ipconfig as explained in manual. Once you make those match, it's easier to work.