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06/05/2007, 10:42 AM
I am toping my water off directly into the sump; using a water timer that I purchased from my local hardware store. The timer is connected directly from the main water source to the R/O unit itself. I have it set to auto top off 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

Admitedly, I have used other water timers before and the gears messed up and the timer was in the stuck open position a few times, luckily I caught it in time ;). But, the current one has been running for about a year now with no issues. I still have to monitor the levels every once in a while, but, not every day. Having top up tanks to me just take up space and are just as problematic.

I figure that if my tank dies which I hope it does not!! But, if it does; it will force me to tear down the tank and reconfigure some of the areas that I would have changed if my tank was only empty. LOL

Until, there is a more reliable solution out there I still recommend it. Unless, you never take a vacation, or, are always there daily to check up on it.

BTW - I have a std Reef setup
Main tank : 100 Gal
Sump: 45 Gal (half filled)
Lighting: 540W VHO

06/05/2007, 10:45 PM
Anything mechanical can or should I say will fail at some point. You've noticed this as well. Having a reservoir of water can limit the liability if you have the space for it.


06/06/2007, 07:57 AM
I agree that anyting mechanical will fail at some point and the reservoir of water with a float valve is just as mechanical as a solinoid and can fail just as much. For that matter our pumps can fail as well leaving you in about the same mess.

I prefer the less is more approach to reefkeeping. Simply said the more you have the more can go wrong and the more complicated the setup is, and when the time comes to go on vacation for a couple weeks its easier to explain to tank sitters.

BTW - The melnor water timer that I am using has been working flawlessly so far. It's very simple to setup and just like any advise for the whole hobby, you have to watch it. Just like you have to watch the health of your tank(s) and Salinity, Alk, Ca, etc, etc.

06/06/2007, 06:21 PM