View Full Version : Betta Bowls for the Masses!

06/05/2007, 03:58 PM
Hey guys.

Was wondering about fancy tank conditioners for fish bowls (sp. bettas) that you always see gaudily advertised. See, some friends and I are planning to distribute mass amounts of new betta bowls to college students - only those that sign up, of course - and while directions will be quite clear on care (and it's up to them when they fish are out of our hands), I'm nervous about starting so many brand new glass bowls. My worries are about denitrification... Without any matured gravel or anything, I DON'T want to hear about too many die offs...

Now I think using the chemical additives is dumb; a small bowl is obviously a small volume and it's just not worth the time it takes to wait... But perhaps I could buy an industrial amount of water conditioner and start the bowls early? (I realize water conditioner removes chlorine and heavy metals - and DOESN'T prepare for biofiltration... but, again... fancy water conditioners??)

Main question: What, primarily, are in these water conditioners? Also, what else may be included in the artsy water conditioners like Kent's "Betta Bowl Essential?" Again I don't really want to use ANYTHING but I'm not sure how to protect against any immediate problems in handing out fish in new jars with new gravel and new water...

06/05/2007, 04:06 PM
I never understood LFS with betta in 300mL of water.

They are weeks/months in 1/2 500ml water bottle.

Many must use Amquel to convert toxic ammonia.