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06/14/2007, 08:01 AM


The Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, Inc. (MASNA) is proud to be sponsoring its Photo Contest for a third year!

The contest includes the following four categories and is being judged by four internationally recognized marine aquarium authors and experts including:

Coral – Eric Borneman
Marine Fish - Scott Michael
Marine Invertebrates - Daniel Knop
Marine Macro Images - Anthony Calfo

Not only will your entries be judged by these distinguished experts, but each winner (three from each category) will be awarded a cash prize as well as have their winning photograph and their name included in the 2008 MASNA Calendar on sale at MACNA XIX (http://www.macnaxix.com) this September.

The cash prizes for each category will be:
1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $50
3rd Place - $25

The deadline for submitting your entries is July 31th, 2007 (mailed submissions must be postmarked by July 21st, 2007).

All those who are either a current MASNA Individual member or a current member of a current MASNA Club can enter the contest for free! If you're not currently a member, then please consider joining MASNA for just $5 or one of over 40 MASNA clubs (listed at the end of the Photo Contest Forms).

Please visit MASNA's Website (http://www.masna.org) to access the Contest Rules (http://www.masna.org/calendar.php) , Photo Contest Forms (http://www.masna.org/2007MASNAPhotoContestEntryForm&ReleaseForm.doc) for information about how to submit your pictures or to join MASNA and to make your $5 MASNA Individual Membership payment (https://ssl4.westserver.net/masna.org/register.php).


Cheri Phillips
MASNA President