View Full Version : almost ready to start WOOT!!!!

06/27/2007, 12:47 AM
YA. After almost a year of reading and gathering parts and pieces, talking to lots of nice people, spending hours upon hours on RC, i am almost ready to fill up my tank! All that is left is the big move to the new home(this upcoming weekend), some lights and I my sump, which will be custom built and shipped in about 2 weeks!!

Finally can get the wife off my case hahaha kidding!

Thanks to all on RC who have helped out and were kind enough to answer my questions.

06/27/2007, 01:02 AM
What size tank and what stuff do you have for it?

06/27/2007, 01:13 AM
its a 120 4x2x2. it doesn't seem like I have a lot of stuff but my wallet sure feels empty! Now that i am thinking I actually still need my OM 4 way and a decent pump...Any recommendations??. But I have my HS a150, eheim 1260, 2 ebojager heaters, stands I built, all the "electrics" all the plumbing minus 2 gate valves, about a ton of literature, refractometer, custom sump is soon to be here, ummm what else, oh tunze osmolator, max cap 5 stage RO/DI, I think I am missing something....maybe that's all??? it has been a long process hahaha I forget now

06/27/2007, 01:21 AM