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ryan scott
06/27/2007, 07:17 AM
I have had my tank up and runing for 12 months and now am going to have might halide lights repaired for the second time, but i supose thats what you get for buying a cheap brand Mazoo made in China.

I now am in a postion to purchase a quality system and am looking for advise on the right system. I am considering an Aqua-medic 250 watt (Aqua Medic Aquaspacelight Triple Metal Halide 3x250w + 4x24w PL Blue - 180x30x8cm) I have one of their protien skimmers and it is fantastic.

Does anyone have this system or can recommend any other quality brands.

Many thanks

06/27/2007, 10:47 AM
That should be fine Ryan. Icecap systems are also very popular and you can use their ballasts in a retro system if you decide to go that way.