View Full Version : Overflow noise

07/11/2007, 05:45 PM
I just set up a 180 gallon glass tank. The guy i bought it off of gave me a 1200 gallon an hour overflow box. It has two 1 inch drains going into a 30 gallon sump with pipes placed below surface of water. Not much sump noise , but overflow is loud. Anything to be done about this. It doesnt exactly give my a secure feeling either. There is only about 1/2 inch of water at each end of u-tubes when i shut the pump off. My other question is how hard would it be to drill this tank and go with a different method. Any ideas ?

07/11/2007, 09:19 PM
stick a small peice of tubing down the overflow pipe to the sump. it will allow it to "burp" be sure to secure it so it doesnt get lost in the pipe