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07/18/2007, 08:44 PM
First, thanks for the links on my first post. Skimmed through all of them, as well as some other reading. Thinking we will stay away from the damsels once get a second tank up :)

My first step seems to be to decide which tank. We have an empty 35 gallon hex we planned on setting up as our saltwater tank. I believe I have my wife talked into moving out our freshwater fish from our "regular" 45 gallon tank and into the hex if want to go that way...and just use the current 45 gallon equipment. (Thinking enough room for our 2 16-18 inch plecos and other fish) From my reading it seems like this would be a better way to go...would you agree?

If do this, than can go with 196 watt compact for the 45 gallon (at a reasonable price vs. mh for the hex) and still use the skilter filter I have along with getting a new skimmer and a couple powerheads for the 45. Would this be the better way to go for more success and possibilities for the future?

I still plan on going with uncured rock around 40 - 50 lbs with some dead coral as the first base layer. I read that can cure this in the tank itself...bare bottom with the rock being placed on some pvc (an inch in height or so) so can siphon our refuse as it cures...and then add the substrate in without moving rock later on as it would cover the pvc. Thoughts?


07/18/2007, 08:56 PM
sounds like a good plan after you throw the Skilter in the trash... I am sure the 45 will be a lot easier to light provided your Plecos have enough "bottom" room in the hex