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07/20/2007, 05:12 AM
Everyone talks about frags I understand these are I think corals. How and where does everyone get these? And I don't know where I read it but I think I saw something about a frag show. Where do I get the info for that?

07/20/2007, 05:29 AM
People "frag" (as in fragment) their corals to trade or to sell. Frags can be available from local reefers, club events, local stores, and online. Many, many frags are sold or traded right here on RC via the livestock selling forum. Getting them through local sources is a way of obtaining new corals for your tank at a fraction of the price of buying a larger coral. You start off with something smaller this way, but it encourages aquaculturing of corals as opposed to wild collection off natural reefs.

07/20/2007, 05:29 AM
Frags are basically baby corals that are made by literally breaking larger corals into smaller colonies of polyps.

To put it more simply, say I have a large bush, made out of rock. I break my rock-bush into two pieces, and now I have two smaller bushes. Eventually, the smaller bushes will grow into two big bushes, etc etc.

Some people frag their corals (break pieces off) because their corals are simply getting too big for the tank and the tank owner needs to maintain room inside of the tank for the other organisms.

Some people frag their corals because they want to give or sell the baby coral to someone else. If you have a nice coral that someone else wants, you can break a piece off of yours, and then sell it to them, and then that small piece of coral will eventually grow into a big one, inside of the new person's tank.

Also, fragging your corals and giving them to your friends is a nice safety guarantee in case something bad ever happens to your own coral. Something bad might happen to your coral and it dies, but the piece you gave to your friend grew up and now he can break a piece of that one off and give it back to you, and now you can regrow the old coral that you lost.

I hope that helps. You can buy frags from lfs or online retailers.

07/20/2007, 05:49 AM
Way to break it down guys thanks! When is it safe to start adding corals to ur tank? Mine has been up and running for almost 4 weeks now and everything but the trates are at 0. Trates are at 10 right now and simply haven't gone down. I think I may have found out why thru RC I took out the biobale from my skimmer. So hopefully they go to 0. Bought a phosphate test kit and calcium too. So do u think its safe to start adding corals to my tank before fish? Or should fish be in 1st. Fish I don't plan on adding till maybe about the 6th or 8th week.

07/20/2007, 06:25 AM
So long as all your water parameters are where they should be, should be ok to add coral. Now, I wouldn't go adding SPS to it right off the bat, but something like mushrooms or green star polyps or xenia, something of that nature would probably be ok.

07/20/2007, 06:40 AM
hey hows it going
have you joined your local reef club theres a list of reef clubs on RC
they are listed i seen one for north new york and jersey reef club
dont knwo if thats near you are not but could contact them and find one thats near you .
im sure theres alot of local reefers that sell frags in your area
and you get to go look at them and dont have to pay the shipping

07/20/2007, 08:40 AM
I read polyps aren't good. Am I going crazy or what? Funny u say shrooms cus that's what I was just looking at. So more or less if I wanted to add a BTA when should I wait to do so?

As for the reef club yeah I've found one but for some silly reason I can't get off of RC :lol: the manhattan reef club seems cool but haven't been on the site much as I have with this one.

07/20/2007, 09:04 AM
Green star polyps are fine. Just depends on what you want and how you handle things. They can be a big pain if you let them grow unchecked, but I keep mine on their own rock like an island on the sand and keep them from growing all over my main rocks. Once they start getting too big, I "frag" them and either sell or give them away to someone.

It's usually suggested to not put BTA's into tanks until they have been established for some time, although people on here have started up brand new tanks with them. I don't think that is a good route to go, though, not for the overall health of the animal.

And the local reef club can be good for more of a face to face with hobbyists and establishing a network of people you can talk to about it, get frags from, and possibly get help from should you need it.

07/20/2007, 10:08 AM
Cool so polyps are good but keep'em away from other rocks. I think that can be arranged. Thanks a lot guys really appreciate it.